Although the food is great (and plenty!), some of you young folk might not find wedding videography as too sexy to get your career started. So I was perusing Youtube and came across more ideas to help you make money as a freelance cinematographer.

Beauty Contests: While it may be hard to get a job as a videographer for the “Miss USA Pageant” or similar events, There are still numerous job opportunities in the Beauty Contest market. There are beauty pageants and contests for lots of groups including teenagers, kids and Plus Sized women. Videographers can get jobs in this market by making a list of Local beauty pageants and contacting the organizations that host these events. Some non-profit organizations host beauty contest as a fundraiser for charity. Former beauty contest winners are also great resources to use when getting freelance videography jobs.

Male or Female Revue Performances: There are groups similar to the Chippendales and The Pussycat Dolls that do concert performances all over the world. If you are comfortable with this type of atmosphere, male and female revue performances could be a lucrative market for videography jobs. Groups like The Pussycat Dolls perform Burlesque shows that may be more theatrical in nature. Videographers can also skip the male and female revue shows altogether and land jobs solely in the Burlesque market. Popular shows may prove to be more lucrative than some beauty contests that are held in small towns or non-profit groups.

Hip Hop Music Competitions: There are many hip-hop competitions all over the country, offering lots of videography jobs for professionals. They usually feature a long schedule of rap battles and music DJ performances. Many hip-hop competitions take place in nightclubs, making this more of a night job. However, they occur often throughout the year and can be lucrative for experienced videographers. You can find these videography jobs by contacting independent hip-hop labels and reading music related magazines. Individual hip-hop artists will also know where you can find information on these music competitions, as some are underground and not widely publicized.

Fashion Show Jobs: As a professional videographer, you can offer to record fashion shows by up and coming designers. Apparel companies could use these videos for archival or promotional purposes. Fashion designers and event planners are a good resource for videographers to land jobs in this market. It is good to establish a good relationship with popular designers in this field. Doing so will help you get more paid videography jobs at fashion shows. You will more than likely need additional cameramen to cover this type of event. Some fashion shows also take place in conjunction with hair shows, providing another opportunity to find videography jobs.