I am a freelance gypsy, which means I do a little of this and a little of that to earn my keep and keep a roof over my head. One of the most rewarding things I do is freelance as a producer and videographer here in New York. I have slowly purchased my own equipment (thank you EBay!) and have found ways to promote what I do.

Here are a few ideas to think about if you too work in the freelance world of production.

1. Scan Craigslist for videographer gigs, and check everyday!! Last Friday I spotted an ad for a cooporate video gig, I answered the ad on Friday, they interviewed me Saturday and I was working Monday and Tuesday. If the company returns to White Plains to do further seminars, guess who they will be callng to come shoot. You can also utilize Craiglsit to post production specials you can offer. If you are able to shoot and edit, you can offer production of a 30 second commercial or music video for a set price.

2. Speaking of music, create a flyer promoting producing music videos and post at local music stores in your city. Most stores have a boards you can post information on and bands and artists are sure to scan them when in the store. Also seek out local websites in your area promoting bands and hock your video talents there.

3. Spend one day a week attending Leads groups and Business networking groups to spread the word about what you do. People will hang on to your card, and more often then not will tell you the name of a great potential client. Where do you find local Leads groups? A great resource is through your local Chamber of Commerce. They usually hold several a week. Be sure and be prepared for these meetings by taking plenty of business cards and flyers (one pagers) that offer great production deals. With the internet being bigger then ever, create an offer to produce a 2-3 minute marketing video that a company can show via streaming video (thank you “You Tube”) on their website, or a video they can email to potential clients.

4. Contact companies that specialize in producing events in your city. Let them know you are available to shoot events for their clients. This might involve shooting a speaker at a cooporate event or documenting the attendees at events over the course of several days. It’s a great closing ceremony when they show a two minute video edit of some of the great moments everyone has experienced. They can even opt to have copies made to send to attendees.

5. Do you have a monthly magazine produced locally? Have a sit down with them and try and create a multi-media package that both you and the magazine can promote. Everyone, especially people in business love to feel like they are getting a “deal.” Create a package that includes a 1/4 page ad in their magazine and production of a 30 second commercial for a special price. They might even agree to promote it “in” the magazine. (can we say free advertising!!!)