About Me

Welcome to my personal site! If you clicked here by mistake, then get back to the fun stuff here.

I’m an adjunct professor of cinematography and New Media, and I also give Media classes at a local high school. I really enjoy filmography, videography, cinematography and all the different types that involves holding a camera and capturing the magical moment.

From time to time, I’ll lend a helping hand if a family friend needs a second camera guy at a wedding or if there’s an interesting student project, I’ll provide support on that film project. I have a lot of free time, now that I’m no longer a Tom Cruise, young maverick. My hope is to educate the world on the beautiful world of cinematography, teach the young’ins how to make make it in this brutal industry and create a community of like minded cinematography enthusiasts.

I’ll do that by posting my thoughts, tips, tricks and guides on how to make cinematic videos. My hope is you’ll find it interesting enough to sign up for a monthly newsletter. If there’s enough interest for that, then I’ll make it a weekly newsletter. And if there’s enough interest for that, then I’ll write up an e-book and put it up on Amazon. And if there’s enough interest in that, then I’ll make the movie version and cast Al Pacino to star as me.

Dream on you say? Well, kiddos, that’s how Hollywood is made. You dream it – we make it happen.